HIMALAYAN/SIAMESE MIX KITTENSI wouldn’t mind another breed of cat, even a tabby or black cat. I was thinking about another Siamese mix since I know Siamese cats are known for having lots of energy, demanding, need lots of affection, curious, affectionate, mischievous intelligent, ect. Which basically describes my cat 100%. I’m not saying other breeds of cats won’t have these qualities as well, but it’s more common in Siamese cats and I believe if you have two cats with the same personality/temperament, that they can compliment each other.

Hello maewkaew,

My cat defentely has the personality and attitude of a Siamese cat. The only Himalayan features he has is his fluffy coat and the build of his body, although he doesn’t have a flat face. He is not laid back like most Persians or Himmy’s and he demands lots of attention, but he is not a cuddlier. I am trying to find another cat that has a similar personality as him, so they can keep each other entertained and happy.

Thank you, you’re babies are very cute also! My cat does get a lot of attention sometimes since it is odd to see a Siamese cat with long hair and he is often mistaken as a Ragdoll ha ha. I really do need another cat with high energy to keep up with him. I’ve been debating over an adult or kitten. I know kittens are very playful and energetic, but they can also grow out of that phase. However, it is much easier to introduce a kitten to another cat and have them be accepted by the already existing cat. Adult cats are good since they already have their personalities developed and you know what you get. But I think it would be more difficult introducing two adult cats.

That’s really cool, I never knew two neutered male cats could get along. I’ve always heard to get opposite genders since they get along the best. I know it is easier to integrate kittens, but it is also difficult to know what their personalities will be when they are older. If I do get a adult cat, I will have to be careful when introducing them and take things slower than if I had a kitten.

My main goal is to find a companion that matches my cat’s personality and can be a good companion for him. I won’t rule out other breeds of cats, but I know that another Siamese cat could be a great companion for a existing Siamese cat since they have similar personalities. I do plan to adopt from a shelter or recuse organization and get a cat/kitten that gets along with other cats.

One thing I’m worried about most is the jealousy factor. I know that my cat is super jealousy and demands every bit of attention. I will have to be careful and give both cats equal attention. That’s exactly why I was thinking of getting another Siamese mix since I know the breed tends naturally be very social, intelligent, and energetic.

Thank you for giving me information on Ragdolls. I always thought they we’re lap cats. The way you described the Ragdoll sounds a lot like my cat! He is very friendly and affection. He also loves to follow everyone around, but he prefers to sit next to us rather than on us. I will have to look up information about a Tonkinese or Burmese since I don’t know much about them.

Source: www.thecatsite.com

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I don’t understand this add

2008-08-18 16:20:05 by plainconfussedFor starters its in the general merchandice and two hes asking 1 dollar for 2 cats what the heck..
Reply to: sale-802336359@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-08-18, 2:41PM MDT
Cats–Moving – $1 takes both cats!!, can’t take my beautiful cats with me. One two year male siamese, himalayan,persian mix. He would like his companion an 8 year old female black beauty to join him. Both are fixed and declawed and have current vaccinations! They would make great family pets and/or companions for anyone who likes cats! Please email me by clicking on the sale-xxxxxx@craigslist

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