Seal point Himalayan

width="150"Looking for Himalayan kittens for sale? They are actually a type of Persian. You can always tell Persian kittens from a Himalayan kittens by their coloring. The Himalayan has “points” like a Siamese cat. That means their face, ears, legs, and tail are a different color than their body color.The color of those points depends on the type of kitten a Himalayan breeder is offering. The most well-known is the seal point Himalayan. Their points derive from the black gene. If you have a Persian, it would be solid black; but that black gene becomes black “points”…hence, the seal point Himalayan, which is the darkest of all the Himalayan colors. Seal points have deep blue eyes and very dark noses and paw pads.

width="150"Here are a few comments of customers who have purchased seal point Himalayan cats from me.

seal point Himalayan”Madeline is the first cat I have ever owned. When I saw this little thing I just fell in love! Her little eyes are full of curiosity and her energy is awesome!! She is so smart and has adjusted so well to her new home! She does very well with eating, brushing and playing and has only meowed for about 5 miutes at bedtime and then I don’t hear her again the rest of the night!! I bought her a really nice black panther colored soft bed (to match her beautiful black smokey coat), but she prefers the back of the washer right now! She knows exactly where the kitty litter is and has done wonderfully with her private time! She has also had no problems finding the kitty door leading into the garage where I keep her kitty litter!! Thats nice!! My boyfriend and my mom are both allergic to cats but have had very little reaction, if not at all, to Madeline. Shannon, you have been such a great advisor to me and have helped me make the transition as easy and stress free as possible (I had no idea what to expect!) I will certainly keep you posted as Madeline grows up:)!” Nicole Pena

seal point Himalayan


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Himalayan Kittens

2010-03-19 20:01:28 by thegremlincatsSix himalayan kittens will be ready for new homes the second week of may.
Located in Downingtown PA.
CFA registered and raised underfoot. Doll faced Himmies. Three blue and blue cream point females. one seal, one flame, one blue point for three males.
Several years experience.
The Gremlin Cattery

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