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We do not ship cats. There are many excellent reasons for this, but one of the best ones is that there are so many cats all over the country needing homes. At any given time, there are 800-1, 000 Persians & Himalayans in shelters and rescues throughout the US. There’s no reason for you to have to make the long trek to Northern California to find a cat when there may be one in danger in a shelter near you. You are more than welcome to fly or drive to meet our cats. We have adopted cats living all over the world, however, we prefer that you find a cat near you.Two good web sites for finding Persians in Shelters and Rescues near you in the US are:They list thousands of animals in shelters all across the U.S. You just put in your zip code, do a search by breed or shelter, and you’ll get all the Persians listed in the US, starting with those closest to you. Be sure to do a separate search for both Persians and Himalayans.

However, not every Shelter or Rescue lists on the above web sites, so it’s a good idea to let your local shelters and veterinary offices know that you are looking to Rescue a Persian. So many are euthanized because there is nowhere for them to go. One example is Las Vegas, Dewey shelter. They get many Persians in and don’t have local rescuers there anymore.


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I resent

2008-12-09 13:15:46 by flyingdogsMy own impatience.
It makes things harder than they need to be!
Right now I’m impatiently awaiting reply from a cat rescue about a bonded pair of Himalayan cats that my sweetie’s interested in adopting.
K’s been looking at cats for A YEAR AND A HALF! The average legnth of time it takes me to find an animal is a week!
Anyway she really wants a bonded pair, not kittens, preferably Himalayans, that are good with other cats & dogs.
This was not an easy order to fill. I would LOVE IT if these two cats are the right fit

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