Of a family for many yearsIf you adopted the cat from us… you are required by contract to return it.
If you purchased your cat from a Breeder… you should contact your breeder first. Any reputable breeder will take their cats back. Often, people will wonder why a breeder would take a cat back that’s already neutered, or not breedable. A good breeder is not just about money. She makes a lifetime commitment to her cats, and wants to see them safe. She will often have a wait list of quality homes who would be happy to take on your cat! You may be able to get help through CFA purebred Rescue. We can contact any CFA or TICA registered Persian breeder.If you adopted your cat from a Rescue organization… check your contract. Many rescuers require the cat to be returned to them.
If you adopted from an Animal Shelter… please do NOT return the cat to them! If you are a legitimate Rescuer, or veterinary office, we will Courtesy Post the cat to our website. We do not post cats being given up by their owners.

If you found the cat… there are certain legal hoops that you must go through to ensure that the owners have a chance to retrieve their cats. Posting flyers in your neighborhood, at the local shelters, local vets offices, and placing an ad in the local newspapers is the best way to find the cat’s family. PLEASE do NOT take the cat to any shelter that has a high kill record. Take it only to those mentioned on this list. An animal shelter is not a safe place for a stray cat, especially a Persian. Shelter diseases run rampant, and there is a high risk that this cat will be euthanized. The shelter must hold the cat for at least 4 days, and even if Rescue can take it, the cat may be very sick by the time we get it. Most shelters do ZERO screening, so the first person there with the adoption fee gets the cat, whether they are an appropriate home or not! Once you have followed the appropriate steps, you may want to follow the directions posted below for safely placing the cat.

Source: persiancats.org

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Cat born with no eyes

2008-08-20 06:35:19 by 8earnhardtWe have taken in for rescue an 11 week old himalayan kitten,that was born with no eyes.An absolute gem of a baby.Has any one ever encountered this? Vet says she is in great health.She knows her way around perfectly.
Also I am new to the forums,but wanted to put out there that we have two awesome dogs that are ready for adoption from our home.2 year old pure bred Chocolate lab(female,spayed)and a Australian shepard/border Collie,10 months(female/spayed)Both were rescues,and have been here for some time,but are ready for new homes.
Thank you~

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