himalayanbreedpic.jpgThe Himalayan is one of the most popular breeds of cats. These longhair, blue-eyed beauties capture the eyes and hearts of cat lovers all over the world. Read on to learn about the history, look and care of Himalayan cats.

History of Himalayan Cats

The Himalayan breed was started in 1930 by Dr. Clyde Keller, from The Harvard Medical School, and Virginia Cobb of Newton Cattery. They started out by breeding Siamese cats with Persian cats, trying to develop a long-haired, Persian-bodied cat with the color-points of the Siamese. They bred and crossbred until “Newton’s Debutante” was born. This cat was the first cat recognized as beginning the Himalayan Breed.

The breed was accepted by CFA in 1957 as a breed standard, and in the 1980’s it was merged with the Persian breed, listing them as a color variation of a Persian instead of a totally different breed. Now in order to breed CFA registered Himalayans, you must have a CFA Registered Persian and/or Himalayan for both the sire and the dam. No Siamese are allowed in the breeding line.

himalayan catHimalayan Cats – Breed Characteristics

The Himalayan should have a round, massive head, attached to a thick short neck, with small round-tipped ears and large, round, wide-set eyes. The body should be medium to large, broad across the rump, with short, stubby legs and large round feet. The fur should be one of two types, either long and flowing, or medium-long and thick.

As far as color- points, the CFA recognizes the following: chocolate, seal lilac, blue, red-tortie, cream, seal- lynx, blue- lynx, red- lynx, cream- lynx, tortie- lynx, blue-cream lynx, chocolate- lynx, lilac- lynx, chocolate-tortie- lynx and lilac-cream- lynx. These points are restricted to the facial mask, feet/legs, tail and genitals, with the body in various shades from white to fawn .

The eyes of the Himalayan should be blue, ranging from light, almost clear blue, to a vivid bright blue.

Himalayan Cats – Temperament and Health Issues

These cats, like their Persian blood-lines, are laid-back and calm. Very easygoing, cats that enjoy playing. Mine like the interactive toys such as DaBird, or one that I made by hand from a piece of fringed fabric taped to the end of a rod off a set of mini blinds. I can tire them out with one of these toys. Prior to bedtime this is a good plan, for then they sleep through the night and don’t wake me at odd hours.

Source: www.thecatsite.com

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Well, this morning

2008-06-05 10:51:38 by jane-ireAs I was leaving my house for work, I spied a cat going to town on the catnip I just planted. Gorgeous gray Himalayan with blue eyes. When it saw me, it hid. So, I hunched down and started whispering to it. Soon, it came around but it kept darting back under the deck. I missed my bus but it was worth it because it finally came to me, laid down and allowed me to pet it all over, even on its belly!
The whole experience made me really happy today.
It looked like this guy:

Both, absolutely!

2011-06-15 08:54:35 by portia_pieLet me share a story. I have a gorgeous Himalayan cat who had a lot of digestive problems for years. He was tested over and over and the end diagnosis was colitis. There isn’t much they can do for that except treat with medicine, which to me wasn’t the way I wanted him to live. I wanted to heal him, not just treat symptoms and have him suffer. I tried a lot of different diets for him and long story short – when I got him on Blue Buffalo (dry and canned) his problems cleared up completely and have stayed that way. It’s the only food I will ever feed my cats.

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